The deed of 2022 of Viljandi parishis developing Raassilla Moto and Entertainment Center.

Every year, Viljandi parish finds the deed of the year. People can put up as candidates and a referendum is held with the most popular ones. This year, ten candidates were put up, and the development of Raassilla Moto and Entertainment Center was prevailinglychosen as the deed of the year.

513 votes were given for the ten nominees, and Raassilla, who came first, got 126 votes. Adell’s fundraising ice cream café for supporting Ukraine that came second received 74 votes, and the construction of a playground in Päri village that came third received 66 votes.

The reconstruction of Raassilla motor sport complex began last year on May 24th, and now a typical amateur cross track has been turned into an up-to-date rallycross trackthat is 980 meters long and 10 meters wideat minimum. Raassilla moto center complies with international requirements and thus, international attention is expected in the near future in terms of major sport events.

Peeter Peek, the head of Raassilla Moto and Entertainment Center, was grateful to the peoplefor the supportand promised to have domestic and international spectacular contests. “For seven years, we’ve been working hard so that Raassilla would have a center that complies with the requirements ofFIA and where rallycross, supermoto, and drifting competitions could be held. As of the second half of summer, you can also drive a hobby kart there,” he said. He added thata lot of work has been done thanks to the support of the European Regional Development Fundand the parish, and some of the first competitions have already been heldsuccessfully. He also suggested that people would come and see future eventsfor themselves.

Alar Karu, the municipal mayor of Viljandi, said that the parishwants to involve as manyof its residents as possible to activities related to the parish. “Our greatest assets are our residents, and fortunately, we’ve been very lucky, because we have a lot ofactive people,” he said. Karu added that the contest of the deed of the year shows that there are a lot of deeds in Viljandi parish that deserve that title and that people truly want to have their say in things.